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Interface Improvements Control Panel


The Control Panel is the heart of the Interface Improvements system. It is required as it allows commnunication between the indicators. The graphic shows how the Control Panel integrates with a number of other indicators found in PAK1. The Control Panel can be purchase alone or in combination with other Interface Improvements indicators, or in the Interface Improvements PAK1.

The Control Panel it's self consists of:

  1. Timeframe Select Buttons
  2. Scale Select Buttons
  3. Control Panel Height Buttons
  4. "edit" Button
  5. Parameter Buttons

It also adds 8 basic functions where are:

  1. Timeframe Select
  2. Chart Scale Select
  3. Hide/show all main chart and subwindow Indicators
  4. Hide/show main chart indicators only
  5. Hide/show subwindow indicators only
  6. Cycle through various support and resistance levels (Pivot Points, Trendlines, Moving Averages)
  7. Lock-in-Place
  8. Hold Function




MT4 - MetaTrader 4
Version 4.00 Build 1160 or greater