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Vertical Line Indicator for MT4  
Vertical Lines Indicator for  MT4

MT4 - MetaTrader 4
Version 4.00 Build 1160 or greater

Download the Vertical Line Indicator v1.2

You can see the indicator in use by viewing the Trade Finder video.


The Vertical Line Indicator is very similar to the basic MT4 version, with a few exceptions.

1. You can Hide or Show the indicator from the chart.
2. You can Lock-in-Place all vertical lines so they can't be moved.
3. You can select from three different preset line types.
4. You can Share the vertical line across all charts and symbols.
5. While sharing with other charts you can re-position the chart to keep a constant distance from the
right most edge of the chart. This allows the Vertical line to be used in a number of ways, across all types of charts and symbols.

The AWARENESS Parameter:

In version 1.2 an Awareness parameter was added:

1. LOCAL means each symbol in a chart can have its own vertical lines. You can have many charts open in MT4 and each symbol in each chart will have its own vertical lines.

2. GLOBAL means charts that use the same symbol, ie. EURJPY, will share the same vertical lines. If you open two charts and set them both to the EURJPY, both charts will have the same vertical lines.

3. GLOBAL_ALL means all charts and all symbols share the same vertical lines. This is what most traders who use MT4 are use to.

As with all the indicators that have a GLOBAL or GLOBAL_ALL Awareness setting, in order for them to work, each chart you are interested in sharing must be set to the same setting (GLOBAL or GLOBAL_ALL). Setting one to LOCAL and the other to GLOBAL won't work.

When the Vertical Line's Awareness parameter is set to GLOBAL_ALL the first Vertical Line drawn on
the chart will also be drawn on to other charts (which also have the Vertical Line indicator set to
GLOBAL_ALL). Moving this vertical line along the timeline you will notice it's position is also copied to
the other chart(s). With GLOBAL_ALL set to YES and GlobalRepositionChart also set to YES the other
charts will reposition themselves to maintain a certain distance from the right most edge of the chart.
This can help identify trading opportunities and market behavior.

Also a COLOR LIST has been added to the indicator. This is a list of 8 colors that the indicator will cycle through when you add a vertical line to a chart. This should make it eaiser to find the same line on other charts.

Vertical Lines Indicator Dialog Box