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cQ-Vertex Volume Indicator  

cQ-Vertex Main Screen

MT4 - MetaTrader 4
Version 4.00 Build 1160 or greater

Dec, 23 2021 - fixed bug, v1.1 has 28 moving average types
Download the cQ-Vertex Indicator


The cQ-Vertex is volume indicator for MT4. I didn't create the original indicator but rather added a Response parameter, Trigger Lines, Applied Price selector, and 8 different moving averages. These additions can be used to increase the sometimes rather limited range of the indicator without adding too much noise. The indicator has a WAE look to it but is different in how it operates.

The main addition is the Response parameter. Setting this to 0.0 significantly increases the number of possible trades available. You can even set to a negative number (ie. -0.5) with interesting results. The default is 3.0, but setting it higher will narrow the number of available trades.

Changing the Trend Mode moving average type can also improve the number of trades without adding too much additional noise. Version 1.1 has 28 moving averages. The default is either EMA or SMMA depending upon which version you are using. Each moving average type alters the response of the indicator significantly.

The Applied Price parameter also can change the response by up to 1 candle.

cQ-Vertex Dialog Box