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cQ-SSL Malibu MT4 Indicator

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cQ-SSL Malibu Main Screen

MT4 - MetaTrader 4
Version 4.00 Build 1360 or greater

May 20, 2023
Download cQ-SSL v1.0 Indicator for MT4


The cQ-SSL Malibu v1.0 is based upon the SSL (Semaphore Signal Level) indicator. It is a confirmation indicator. It will generate an orange dot when a SELL is possible, and a blue dot when a BUY is possible. The zip file contains two different versions of the SSL indicators for MT4. The normal cQ-SSL and the cQ-SSL Malibu.

The cQ-SLL Malibu has the ability to select which component of price and or volume of the candle you would like to use as the high and low. It also replaces the Moving Averages used in the normal SSL, with the iHighest and iLowest functions. These functions find the highest/lowest part of the candle or volume and use it. This give a very different response to the price data.

It also can draw 'X' number of dots after the trend change, which is useful if you are allow for more than one candle agreement between your other indicators in your system.

The cQ-SSL Malibu is very much like the cQ-SSL except that it uses the iHighest() & iLowest() in place of moving averages:

cQ-SSL Malibu:
thehigh = high[iHighest(NULL,0,HighMode,SSLPeriod,i+1)];
thelow = low[iLowest(NULL,0,LowMode,SSLPeriod,i+1)];

Normal SSL:
thehigh = iMA(NULL,0,SSLPeriod,0TrendDectionMode,PRICE_HIGH,i+1);
thelow = iMA(NULL,0,SSLPeriod,0TrendDectionMode,PRICE_LOW,i+1);

The cQ-SSL Malibu's period needs to be set to about 1/2 that of the normal cQ-SLL. If you work with either of them you'll find a good setting for your trading algorithm.

Both of these indicators have a 'Disable Indictor' switch that will turn off the indicator on the main chart. This would be usefull after finding a good setting, you can then add the HISTOGRAM version (included in the zip) to the chart and set it to the same settings. This will give you greater access to the chart's price action.